Billie holiday my man don t love me

Billie Holiday's "My Man": 5 Facts You Should Know | GRAMMY Hall Of Fame

billie holiday my man don t love me

Billie Holiday - Body And Soul (1957)


And, in the case of the singer known as Lady Day, the lyrics were not artistic hyperbole she had lived them. Yes, there are more-powerful performances in the Billie Holiday canon. When Billie Holiday first started singing in Harlem clubs, around , her two greatest influences, she said later in life, were Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith. Source Courtesy of Sony Music. Gonzales, who has written about the enormous impact of Holiday.

By going through the list below we can get a vivid musical portrait of her time and get the feeling of her taste in choosing memorable pieces of art. Billie Holiday These songs represent her style and are generally included in records in her homage. Those four songs are a tribute to love and to be loved. A recurrent theme for Billie. My Man Mon Homme originally a French tune, it was also one of the public favorites in her live presentations.

Billie Holiday, or Lady Day, as she was lovingly called by her fellow musicians, is an icon. For many jazz singers including me she is one of the first singers to discover. When I was 17 or 18, I listened to her songs over and over. She sang with such integrity and intensity. You may be familiar with her tragic personal life, in she lost the battle with drugs when she was in her early forties, and the men in her life, well, it is said that her three marriages did not exactly leave her overjoyed.

Fine and Mellow

In music, there are hot artists, there are superstars and then there are pioneers. Billie Holiday brought an intimacy, emotion and relevance to the songs she sang, sending ripples of inspiration and cultural impact through the generations to follow.






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